Tips For Finding Jobs For Felons in Franklin County

Once a felon has been released from prison, they must hit the reset button their lives. They will need a place to live, but alongside that, comes the need to earn an income. Many companies aren’t so quick to offer felons jobs, and that can lead to many returning to lives of crime. However, there is hope for a brighter future. One may look online for things like, jobs for felons in Franklin County, but that’s not enough. That is not going to get a gig fast, and therefore it’s imperative to look outside of the search engine and start focusing on the reality that any job is worthwhile, as it may lead to another job. In fact, a top job site recently stated that it was easier to get a job if you have one, so it’s important to remember that. (

Accept Any Real Work

The first thing that should be considered is simple, accept any “real” world work. That means that it may be necessary to accept a role that is entry level, or has hours that are less than favorable. Less than favorable hours may mean stocking shelves for a grocery store, graveyard shift. It also may mean working third shift as a waiter, or dish washer. An honest day’s work is the goal here.

Stay In The Job

In order to build a reputation, one must stay in a job for months on end. After about three or six months, applying at other positions using references earned at an existing job can be possible. Finding that initial gig may be tough, however, as not every company will hire felons outright. Manual labor, fast food chains, janitorial work, and other jobs may hire. Staying in the job and working hard is the key to taking the next step forward in your career path.

Finding The Job Online

It is imperative to find a job right away. With internet access, one can find a job online swiftly. Finding internet access may be as easy as going to a local library and using their resources. Some libraries have job connection resources as well. In Franklin County, one may go to the Columbus Library and ask for assistance ( Aside from getting help from the library, one may search Craigslist for jobs in Ohio, and in specific cities. Many jobs in the “gig” and “jobs” section may give leads to where jobs fairs may be held, and where to apply for opportunities.

Keep Applying Until Someone Hires

It can be discouraging to hear a lot of “no” answers from jobs you apply for. Felons are not going to have an easy time finding work at times, but it is imperative to hit the ground running from day one. Knocking on doors, asking for help, visiting the library, and answering help wanted ads from classified sections in the newspaper can help with this. The adage is true, if you keep knocking on doors, someone is going to answer. Keep applying, and whomever hires, stay at the job for months on end before applying for another job.