Ohio FAQ – Quick Answers For Felons

Individuals that get out of prison after serving time, will find that it can be difficult to shake the stigma. Even though many people overlook the past, there are areas within society that may not immediately look past what a felon has been convicted of, even if they have paid their debt. There are a few questions that you may have in regard to living in Franklin County, Ohio. The following are just some of the most frequently asked questions about life after getting released.

Can A Felon Own a Gun?

Ohio’s laws are distinct in regard to what felony convictions can allow and disallow. Regarding those that have been convicted of a felony offense, cannot own a firearm. Those that are convicted of drug abuse, or illegal possession will also be prohibited from owning a gun, or having one in their possession. This is according to the Ohio Law statutes (http://www.fpd-ohn.org/thelaw/criminal_process/felony-conviction-disabilities).

Can A Felon Vote?

Ohio does allow felons to vote. However, not while they are serving time in prison. During that time, felons cannot exercise their rights as a citizen, and will not be able to vote. However, once released, even on probation, Ohio allows for felons to vote in accordance to the latest revision of Ohio’s state laws. The revised code is, Ohio Revised Code ‘ 2961.01. (http://www.fpd-ohn.org/thelaw/criminal_process/felony-conviction-disabilities).

Can A Felon Get A Job?

Yes, many companies hire felons and are willing to offer positions in various areas. Disclosure may be requested about this, and information about rehabilitation, time served, and more may be asked. Background checks may also reveal information. It’s best to be honest about the past, and fill out all information accordingly. Many companies do give people second chances, it’s just a matter of being honest with any questions about the situation, and keeping positive about moving forward.

Can A Felon Serve Jury Duty?

While a felon is serving prison time, they are not allowed to serve on juries. However, the right is restored by the state of Ohio under the Ohio code of law after time served and probationary periods are done. This is in accordance to, Ohio Revised Code §§ 2961.01 and 2967.16. (http://www.fpd-ohn.org/thelaw/criminal_process/felony-conviction-disabilities). Federal felons can be pardoned by the President of the United States, and will be able to serve on state and federal juries in that case.

Can A Felon Adopt a Child?

Yes, and no. The Ohio state law speaks at length about this, and does allow felons to adopt, however, there are hurdles that will be put in place. Each application is considered on a case by case basis. There are some felonies that will bar felons from adopting, however. Violent crimes, sexual crimes, murders, aggression, and other classified felonies in the state of Ohio may bar individuals from adoption outright. Petitions can be filed, but there are several elements to the law that need careful consideration to answer this in any case. The full letter of the law is quite large and can be read online (http://codes.ohio.gov/oac/5101%3A2-48).

The above are just some of the main elements to consider in regard to Ohio’s FAQ regarding felony convictions, and rights after release.