Searching the Inmate Population is intended to provide access to public information . This information is updated daily, except for weekends, and holidays, by the staff of the Franklin County Jail. This is not a real time update. The time delay in updating this database daily means that an inmate may have been released, or a new inmate may have been introduced to the jail, and that may not be reflected in the database until it is updated the next morning. Any misuse of this information is stricly forbidden.

How to use the Search function. You can enter PIN number; First, Middle, or Last Name; Committ Date; Age; Sex; Housing Section; Block; or Admission Code. Click on Submit Search Request and your results will be displayed below.

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Admission Type Codes
Sentenced by a Court of Record
Permanent Transfer from Another Institution
Sentenced by Minor Judiciary
Held for Trial, Hearing, or Witness
Others TT Temporary Transfer from Another Institution
County Parole Violator Returned VA Held for Various Federal/State/Police Authorities
State Parole Violator Returned