Finding Housing For Felons in Franklin County

When it comes to housing for Felons, things are not exactly simple. Many apartment complexes do not want to allow people that have been convicted of crimes in their communities. This can pose a serious issue for those that are trying to reshape their lives, after paying their debt to society. There are many former felons that are out of prison, and are trying their best to restart their life, doing the right thing, and rebuilding trust with those that they come in contact with. Without a place to live, however, it becomes very difficult to move forward with the goal of starting over. There are options for felons to look into, and it goes beyond looking online for things like, housing for felons in franklin county. The best option is to consider a few notes and tips regarding this process.

Forget Big Complexes

First and foremost, it’s imperative that former felons not look for housing in large apartment complexes in major cities. Many of the communities that are within large management areas, will make it difficult for those that do not have good credit, let alone those that have committed crimes. Instead of trying to get into these places, it’s important to start looking elsewhere.

Know What The History Says

Every criminal should know their own criminal history, and have it in writing. The more information that you have in regard to what has been done, and time served is important. Knowing the history can help with discussing issues, and what rehabilitation has been made in order to ease the mind of landlords, etc.

Transitional Housing

One of the biggest resources for housing in the state of Ohio is that of Transitional Housing ( This option has a listing for housing and rehabilitation centers in the state. There are a lot of different options that can be explored in nearly every city, and county in Ohio. This is a good starting point.

Churches And Connections

Former felons can rely on the community to help. One of the best options is to consider calling and discussing the situation with churches. Franklin County has a lot of churches, many of which have outreach programs, and housing for people that are in need. A simple call to their offices or a visit can help with finding out options, or find some information as to whom may help. A quick search online for “churches in Franklin county” can help (,-82962622,7556&tbm=lcl&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwitw_TLg-7UAhVk5IMKHcm2B0kQjGoIVw).

Craigslist Helps Too

One of the premier places to find a place to live, including finding roommates, subletting and more is that of Craigslist. For the state of Ohio, the site has several different county and city listings that you can look through. Craigslist Ohio (, can help narrowing down solutions so that you’re able to gain help in finding the right place to live.

Go To The Library and Use Free Resources

One of the best things that can be done is visit the local library in Franklin County. One option is Columbus Metropolitan Library (, which has a lot of resources that can help with finding a place to live, access to the internet, and help with volunteers, librarians, and so much more. Ask for help, look at phone books, and information that is free. With a little help, finding housing for felons in Franklin County, becomes a lot easier to manage.